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Using a basic astrology board kit, I began casting natal charts for friends and family when I was twelve years old, inspired by a famous Sun Sign book. This ignited my interest in astrology and hypnotherapy. I have always been fascinated by the human mind, and as an Aquarius with a Virgo Moon and a Scorpio rising sign, I believe that there is no better way to comprehend the modern world and oneself than through the age-old practice of astrology. I had a gut feeling that I would become an astrologer eventually.

I make hypnosis audio , in-person hypnosis sessions and mostly online sessions , People tell my that my hypnosis is very effective for them, and I hope you find that’s true for you, as well. I have taught many kinds of hypnosis classes in many places – London, Milan, Rome, the Netherlands, San Francisco, California, Chicago, Washington, D.C., If you have the need for an ethically evil, groovy-good and diverse teacher of hypnosis, you can always write me ….. I often get asked, “How did you get into hypnosis?” Here’s the answer: One day, a group of friends and I were talking about hypnosis. My former submissive Kate said that she didn’t believe in it. I had been hypnotized before, a very long time ago, and knew it was possible. I contacted a local hypnotist, Buddy. He and I got together for lunch to talk about him hypnotizing her. The three of us were never able to get together at that time, Amanda & I held a tickling munch in Sept 2009, and a friend of ours who came to that munch is a hypnotist. He hypnotized her at the lunch table, and then again on our (now defunct) radio show. Shortly after that, she and I were in Philly visiting a friend. We were sitting in a bar, finishing dinner, listening to music. I had just gotten my iPhone. Our conversation turned to hypnosis. I said, “I bet there’s an app for that.” and looked one up. I downloaded the Hypnotizer (an iPhone app) right then. I used that and my voice and hypnotized her in the bar, and then as often as possible. About 2 weeks later we went to a weekend party in Ohio, and a lot of my friends let me hypnotize them, and have not looked back since 🙂

My latest certification helped expand my skillset and solidify my standing as a professional who can support others to overcome any internal challenge and live a life of freedom and fulfillment.

Lana Williams

Astrologyn& Hypnotherapist 

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Clients remark that an astrology reading or Hypnotherapy session with me is like receiving the added benefit of counselling alongside astrology. I combine my solution focused therapeutic tools with astrology to provide a healing, holistic element to the art of astrological consultancy. In my spare time, I love live music,  yoga, travelling,  walking in the countryside with the dogs, travelling, cooking, socialising, reading, dancing and meditation.

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